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Has your business been plagued by feast or famine syndrome?

Have you had one or more months without any income?

Have you tried other coaching programs only end up with the same results as before?
Have You Considered Getting a Traditional Job? ...
... Or Joining Someone Else's Team? ... Or worse; Giving Up Completely and Quitting?
Does it seem like everyone you know is WAITING to sell their house?  And all the buyers you've been working with SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR?

Is your business thriving the way you had hoped it would?  Do you have systems in place so that you can serve your clients the highest possible level?  Or are you still wondering what the secret is?

I've been where you are!  I know how hard it can be.  I know what it feels like to struggle.  I know how scary it is WHEN THERE IS NOTHING IN THE PIPELINE and nothing but darkness on the horizon.   
Then, I finally learned the secret... the one thing that successful agents have ALWAYS known...
There's a reason why some agents always have business and others struggle...

When you master this one skill, you won't have to suffer through hardships ever again!

I had to learn it the hard way.  Now, I am on a mission to help others just like you!
My Name Is Amy Donaldson
I'm known for becoming a top producing real estate agent.  But, I didn't start out that way.  In 2007, I was a single mom with a broken heart, an 8 year child and a brand new real estate license.
I had no idea that our entire economy was about to crumble into pieces.... That our home values were about to drop by as much as 50% in some areas.  We would see record highs in both unemployment and foreclosure rates!!!  

I had no idea that this was the WORST POSSIBLE TIME to get into real estate!

I spent all the money I had on expensive coaching programs! I learned the skills I needed to not just survive, but to THRIVE ... IN ANY ECONOMY!

AND one day, it all clicked!  The pieces all started falling into place.  I learned the one secret that top agents have always known.  
Amy Donaldson
Amy Donaldson is a real estate coach, author, public speaker and award winning real estate agent.

Amy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2000. While not working, she dedicates her time to being a mother and enjoying her rescue dog. She is very active and enjoys fitness activities such as running, weight lifting, and stair racing. Amy is also a black belt in Taekwondo and believes that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. 
She started her real estate career as a single mother in 2006 completely unaware that it was the beginning of the worst real estate market downturn in recent history. She had to quickly learn how to be successful in the industry so that she could support herself and her child. She watched and learned from other successful agents, and by 2010 she had obtained her Principal Broker license. This enabled her to build her own team, and in 2012 had built a highly successful team of quality real estate agents. In 2014, she was asked to teach the pre-license broker courses at the local community college. By 2015 she was asked to serve as the Director for the Mentorship Program and as a Reviewing Broker at one of the largest and fastest growing brokerages in the Pacific Northwest.
During her time as a reviewing broker, it became clear to Amy that she had something very valuable to offer. Her unique perspective and problem solving abilities has helped hundreds of agents JUST LIKE YOU navigate very difficult situations.

She teaches agents how to look at their business as a business; and how to run the business rather than letting the business run them.  

Amy uses humor and her own real life experiences to command the attention of her audiences. She will bring you to tears, and then make you laugh, then terrify you and eventually teach you that you are far more capable than you ever realized. Amy applies her own real life experiences to all aspects of her teaching, coaching, and public speaking. Her support of her students and clients is unmatched. 
Imagine What YOUR Life Would Be Like If You Too Could Have The Success You Truly Desire?
Imagine if you knew exactly how many homes you would sell each month.

What if you had a way to know, with a high degree of certainty, which buyers would actually close with you and which buyers would end up disappearing at some point?

What if you had a way to know, before anyone else, who was most likely to sell their home in the near future?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have all this knowledge without wasting time or money?

What would it mean to you ...  and to your family if you could actually turn your phone OFF during your kid's birthday parties, date night with your spouse and other important family time?
Take my CHALLENGE today....
Invest yourself today when you join REAL ESTATE MASTERY!
I'm going to teach you step by step, who to call and what to say in order to quickly identify who is ready and motivated to get moving NOW! 
Here's What You Will Receive!
Is it ok if I over deliver?
Don’t let your real estate business run you! You really can run your business, instead. You can enjoy consistent, predicable closings that will allow you to be comfortable and successful year round.


  • Change your money mindset to attract more of it.
  • Think like a boss.
  • Attract and keep more leads.
  • Generate more referrals.
  • ​Charge higher commissions with ease.
  • Win more listings.
Take the leap!  INVEST IN YOURSELF TODAY!  And start running your business with clarity and vision like NEVER BEFORE! 
During this program, you are going to get REALLY, REALLY GOOD at contacting key people every single day AND setting appointments every single week.  

You will MASTER THE SKILLS required to be RIDICULOUSLY SUCCESSFUL in this industry!

You will receive daily messages from me with very clear, specific tasks.

Do exactly what I tell you and YOU CANNOT FAIL!

Start NOW to develop and master the skills and the knowledge to have the business you've always wanted.... the business you deserve and have already worked hard to achieve. 

Somewhere in you, you KNOW you can do this. You KNOW you have what it takes. You can feel it. I know you can. Because I use to be where you are. 
Learn exactly what to say in different situations to get the results you want. 

What to say to an on-line lead so they want to work with you and only you!
What to say at a buyer consultation to gain client loyalty.
What to say in the beginning of a relationship to generate multiple referrals right away...
What to say to a FSBO
What to say to an expired listing
What to say when hosting an open house so that people don' t tell you they are working with an agent when you know they aren't

Learn these valuable scripts and many more..

And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses that you can't get anywhere else!
Learn exactly what to say in SPECIFIC situations to get the results you want. 

Learn these valuable scripts and many more..

  • What to say to an on-line lead so they want to work with you and only you!
  • ​What to say at a buyer consultation to gain client loyalty.
  • ​What to say in the beginning of a relationship to generate multiple referrals right away...
  • ​What to say to a FSBO to stand apart from other agents.
  • ​What to say to an expired listing so they are most likely to choose you.
  • ​What to say when hosting an open house so that people begin to see you as an expert rather than a salesperson.
You'll Get Acess To The Private Facebook Group

Connect with other real estate agents just like you.  Share your challenges and your triumphs.  
Build relationships with agents around the country. Build trust and share referrals.  
Stay informed about real estate trends on a national level. 
Video Training On How To Generate Multiple Streams Of REAL Leads
Keep Your Pipeline Full
Learn where leads come from.  Manage expectations and dominate the competition.  Be the first to know when someone wants to sell.  Stay top of mind with more leads than you know what to do with
Complimentary Results Coaching Call With The Author*
Could One Conversation Change The Trajectory Of Your Business?

In one conversation, Amy will help you uncover what truly drives you and what has been holding you back.  Release hidden fears, set bigger and better goals for yourself.  Find the strength and courage to step outside your comfort zone and chase your dreams.  Dig deep.  You deserve it. 

*restrictions apply
 What would it be worth to you if you never had to worry about where your next deal would come from?
Invest In Your Future
limited time offer!
Money Back Guarantee
If you do everything I teach and don't see improvement in your business, I will refund your money!  
If You're Still Not Convinced Think About This....
It's Your Business! Nobody Will Care About It More Than You Do!
Now is the time to take the bull by the horns.  Stop the viscous cycle of feast or famine!  

Employ simple strategies to attract more clients.
Put systems in place to streamline your business.
Convert more leads into closings.
Change your money blueprint to attract unlimited wealth.
Discover effortless follow-up techniques to keep you in the forefront of people’s minds.
Don’t let your business run you! Run your business instead.
Protect your commission from last-minute concessions.

I honestly don't know how long I can offer the program at this CRAZY LOW price! Everyone is telling me to charge more...  Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity!

Remember, you can do hard things...

-Amy Donaldson
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